Group of Prof. Schneider


Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy (STM/STS)

Our main experimental tool is the Scanning Tunneling Microscope. Besides instruments that operate in ultra-high vacuum at room temperature we also have two instruments that work at liquid helium temperatures. These are dedicated to the investigation of electronic properties of surface and adsorbates by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy.

Low-energy Electron Diffraction (LEED)

Whereas STM can at best help to identify surface structures a true analysis of the positions of the atoms at and near a surface needs to be done by a diffraction method. We use LEED combined with structural analysis of LEED intensity spectra to resolve the surface structure.

Current Research Projects

Group Members

Active Members

  • Alexander Schneider
  • Lutz Hammer
  • Anastasia Sokolova (PhD-Student)
  • Tobias Schmitt (PhD-Student)
  • Pascal Ferstl (PhD-Student)
  • Marina Schuler (BSc-Student)

Former Members

  • Lisa Lautner (BSc 2012)
  • Michael Stauber (BSc 2012)
  • Carsten Tröppner (PhD 2011)
  • Martina Reuschl (Diploma 2011)
  • Christian Ullenboom (Diploma 2011)
  • Christopher Krauss (Diploma 2011)
  • Johannes Nachtrab (Diploma 2011)
  • Philipp Weinhardt (Diploma 2010)
  • Jonas Weber (BSc, 2010)
  • Norbert Maurer (Diploma, 2009)